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At Crabtree & Evelyn, we encourage our friends to

With the Typewriter Project, we invite you to blog about your favourite products and your stories! The best submission of the month will be awarded the Writer of the Month award, as well as with the chosen products. The overall Writer of the Year will take home products worth up to RM500.

We love to hear about your stories and experinces with us.

Read the stories from some of our friends:

Crabtree &Evelyn, a brand name that I loved since I was young. The name and logo itself, conjures a lovely image in my mind, of the country side, British ladies sitting elegantly in their garden enjoying a cuppa tea surrounded by the lovely scent emanating from the fresh blooms, herbs and fruits.

昨晚洗了澡先scrub了身体后再擦了这罐(打算一星期用一次),可能是因为它比较滋润的关系,吸收速度不如body lotion快速,不过幸好过一会儿等它完全吸收后皮肤不会好似有一层油的感觉,完全吸收后皮肤也还会带有淡淡的玫瑰香味,整体感觉还不错~

I really cannot get enough of this hand cream! This is the only reason that I even use hand creams. I believe it's also not as expensive compared to almond oil hand creams and it works great on my hands. Also absolutely cannot get enough of the rose scent!

Scrub Cleanser~浅青色的Gel,里面还有很多白色粒状的砂,比一般的磨砂粒大一点。大力点的按摩,它们就会融化,不错~不错~

When you lather the soap on your body, it creates a very creamy foam and a super nice rose scent. The fragrance is not too overwhelming but enough to make you relaxed after a long day. The scent can last through whole night if you shower before sleep. It doesn't dry out the skin but helps to keep my skin moisturised.

One of the reasons why I bought Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Exfoliating Body Scrub is because of the wonderful peppermint scent it comes with! It's smells so relaxing, I feel like dozing off right away.